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Underswap: A Comic

Hc that Starlan also has a thing for drinking ketchup before but stopped his old habit ever since he became a member of the Royal Guard :D. Ink wanted to give him a name that combined both of their qualitys! Again, a little name— tehe? The Beginning - Chapter One. Having trouble reading the text? You can read a transcript of just the dialogue over here. Has SF!

Nicknames - Underswap Comic Dub (feat. Mr. Amazing VA)

Uncle Blue: Horror is a sweetheart, really! He often gets confused telling which ones to get! A little callback? Also just want to make this clear: the text on pages 5, 6, and the top of page 8 are MEANT to be difficult to read.

Near impossible to understand. Heres my first legit ever somewhat decent comic. Hope you guys liked it! Remember: Cassis is a fusion between Reaper and Blueberry. And those two were from a different multiverse than the original Underswap and Reapertale!

Reaper belongs to renrink sosorryfortaggingyouinthisbadthing. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Told ya it was gonna be stupid jxbdjd A lil something in between making commissions So Yea! I finally used the names!! Blueberry thought of naming him InkBerry too Ink!

Sans- comyet Blueberry- His creator Blueprint- Me. Blue knew exactly what he was doing….Friskor what the player chooses to call them, is the equivalent of Undertale's Chara. They were the first of the eight humans to fall into the Underground after climbing Mt.

Frisk is a child whose gender is up to interpretation. They appear at the end of the Genocide Route and speaks with the player themselves. Their personality and appearance are identical to the protagonist. They are shown wearing a blue, long-sleeved shirt with two pink stripes which is the inverted color of the protagonist's shirt and brown pants along with brown shoes. They have medium length, straight brown hair with short bangs. Unlike in Undertale, Frisk is usually seen with their eyes open and a little smile, only to reveal that their eyes are crimson blue and to jumpscare you.

Frisk never told Monster Kid the reason that they had such hatred. Monster Kid also mentions that Frisk " laughed it off " when the two of them accidentally poisoned Toriel by putting buttercups instead of cups of butter into a butterscotch pie they made for her. At the end of the Genocide RouteFrisk behaves in a polite, deliberate manner, thanking the protagonist for guiding them.

However, if the protagonist refuses to destroy the world, Frisk immediately becomes malevolent, despite the outward semblance of youth and innocence. Frisk reveals that the protagonist's " Determination " and " human soul " awoke Frisk from death as soon as the protagonist entered the Underground.

After falling into the Underground, Frisk was taken in by Toriel and Asgore as a second child and was treated with respect equal to their other adopted child, Monster Kid. Firsk and Monster Kid became best friends. Monsters spoke of how Frisk filled the Underground with hope. One day, after becoming terminally ill from consuming buttercups, Frisk expressed the desire to see the Golden Flowers found in their home village.

Frisk carried their own corpse across the barrier. However, when they got to the village the villagers thought that Monster Kid had killed Frisk. Because of this, the humans attack them.

underswap comic

Frisk wanted to use their full power and destroy all of the villagers. Frisk's motives in this situation are uncertain. We'll be strong! We'll free everyone. We just have to get six Temmie also adds, " Then That despite it all This world is still 'kill or be killed!!

Monster Kid tells the protagonist that they came up with this philosophy because of their resistance to Frisk had led to both of them being killed.

Our plan had failed, hadn't it? Frisk's body was originally laid to rest in a coffin in the basement of the castle, where the bodies of the other fallen humans would later be put. When Asgore left Toriel, he carried Frisk's body to the Ruins and gave them a proper burial. In the Genocide Route, Frisk says that the protagonist's "determination" and "human soul" awakened them from death.

There is evidence that some narration, as well as descriptions of certain actions and events, is by Frisk themselves. However, the narrator throughout the entirety of Underswap is up to speculation.Unfortunately, this AU's original author has left the fandom and removed a lot of their work from existence, or some other entity has removed the AU.

Therefore, the original source of the AU might not be available anymore, or the info might be scattered throughout the internet. So take everything you read here with a little grain of salt. And if you happen to find anything from the original canon, please add it to the page along with a link so it can be easily accessed again.

Sans is the excitable, confident, extremely optimistic human hunter, while Papyrus is the laid back, protective bro following Chara who is swapped with Frisk.

Underswap: A Comic

All of the songs are remixed to swapped characters as well. Unfortunately the original creator of the AU has left the fandom and deleted the information on the AU, and has no interest in continuing the project.

The protagonist of the AU, and the 8th fallen human. They wear a white shirt with a black stripe, as shown in the Flowey Village artwork. A stuffed animal with Monster Kid's dust on it, which came to life when Undyne experimented on it. It has a "Kill or be killed" mentality. As former king of the underground, he turned his back on his wife to flee to the ruins where he welcomes fallen humans with open arms, caring and trustworthy.

He offers you a nice cup of tea instead of a pie. A small shy ghost in the outskirts of waterfall, dreams about being a TV star someday. Writes romance stories, and would love to share their collection of them with you. He's not pink, a misunderstanding created by the original image's pinkish color. His name is also not Hapstablook, like many people seem to think. He has a heart shaped eye. Excitable and loving, training to become a royal guard with Alphys.

However, as Sans and Papyrus keep their original stats, his low stats prevent him from being accepted. A laid back jokester who is into practical jokes, though shares a wide variety of other ones with Asgore.

Enjoys honey as his favorite condiment and sells corn dogs as a side job. KR still is Sans' thing, and instead he has smarter and stronger attacks, though he is the one who is aware of resets and bleeds after his genocide battle.

He wears hoodies with indirect posts on them. He apparently smokes cigarettes NOT weedeven though he has no lips. Has a maid cafe in Snowdin town, confident and maybe a little smug. She sells croissants, tea and donuts, uses roller-skates to serve them to people. Nice and friendly, sells burgers at his portable burger stand.

The wrappers have a handwritten compliment on them. Captain of the royal guard, fierce and unforgiving. Still enjoys her anime and helps Sans with his cooking every now and then. Instead of spear bullets she uses rotating axes. During the genocide route, she turns into "Alpha Alphys". She thinks anime is real. She thinks Mew Mew Kissy Cutie 2 is better than the original, though mostly watches manime and giant robot anime.

Just like Alphys in Undertale, she knows that anime is not real. The most famous radio DJ of the underground, charismatic and masculine and frankly kind of a douche. He likes his arms just like Mettaton likes his legs, and has retractable turntables.

He uses rhythm based attacks.As such, some information here may not be found in any established story, and could be considered non-canon. The main story of this AU never got past the entrance of the Ruins and has been on a hiatus since It has multiple differences from the original. The roles of the characters are the same as the original Underswap Except Temmie who has been replaced with a pink Floweybut their designs and personalities are slightly different.

He is mostly the same as the Original Flowey, but with the exception of having pink petals instead of yellow ones. A bit younger compared to Original Asgore. He wears a purple shirt with the Deltarune and a pink apron. Papyrus wears a red shirt and an orange jacket with grey fur. He sometimes drinks, which Sans dislikes. Sans wears a light blue shirt and a dark blue cape.

When excited, his eyes turn into stars similair to Blueberry's. He is a big fan of Napstaton. He has white dreadlocks and dark blue headphones.

Unlike the Original Underswap Napstaton his blue heart is located near his waist just like Mettaton. His attacks include sound waves, empty CDs and a special attack called "The Scream" that uses all his power. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :.If you've never heard of Underswap before which is very unlikely, but stillUnderswap is an AU of Undertale.

You might be wondering how this Underswap is different from many others. Well, unlike the other ones, we're trying to find the perfect balance between the characters' Undertale and Classicswap personalities in order for it not to be a "reskin", but also feel like Underswap.

Our team is trying their best to make this AU as good as possible. Please consider following if you are interested in the au. Q: When will you release a demo? A: If things go good, we can hopefully have a demo released sometime in We're planning to make it as good as possible, and the demo will be longer than the Undertale demo and will have a lot of new stuff, so it'll take a while.

Q: When will you release the full game?

I’m gonna be making an Underswap comic

A: We have no idea, but it'll most likely take a while. There are also a lot of smaller, not as important swaps.

underswap comic

Gaster and Riverperson swap, since that was canon in classicswap. Frisk is replaced by a completely new human who has the Perseverance soul, however that does not mean Frisk is not in the game. Q: Blueberry Sans? Carrot Papyrus?

underswap comic

Q: Do areas swap? A: Areas are replaced with completely new ones and are pretty different from the Undertale ones. Q: Are personalities swapped? A: It's a little hard to explain so you'll just have to wait and see. Q: Are you Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale?

Is this official? But will the game be improved? If so, on which engine? I'm not gonna lie. This game is amazing. It's really underrated, we need to reach out to everybody we know to follow this masterpiece.

Log In Sign Up. Version: 1. Download 3 MB. Game Soundtrack. Development Stage.Sketch commission by jessufay! To the glamor swap bros since hugs are apparently forbidden could you accept gifts like honey for paps and tacos for blue?

So he was like.


Stuck there for a while again. Lost some things. Gained some things. A little more unhinged. Not doing fantastic. At a base level, he gets it. They are dating, after all. Why would someone like Edge genuinely want to spend time with him? Sometimes, it can be tough to overcome doubts. Thankfully, Rus has Edge in his corner to remind him of his love. Guess he should do something about that. Secret Garden. A Judicious Amount of Effort. Read it on AO3. Keep reading. Xtale and all of its characters belong to jakei Reaper belongs to renrink.Please enjoy your stay here and feel free to ask us anything, just no hate please.

I mean you can send hate but we wont reply and shit. Does anyone have the time to help with English for a Underswap-Related comic? I be slower sadly, the convnetion is over but my laptop is acting like a bitch : and it keeps freezing might need to reboot it soon. However, its gonna be a more relaxed kind of comic. That way I can work with material that I really like. Working a comic :D its kinda cool how the shadin- ok i should tell that till i finish! Its uhhh… Underswap comic in the surface :D buts its all a….

Log in Sign up. Blueberry's humors pun XD comic by swappapyrus, voices by me i had so much fun making this XD hope you enjoy swappapyrus. Underswap comic no mercy run genocide run underswap sans underswap chara. Underswap Underswap comic Underswap chara Kell0x kamenmango undertale au webcomic pacifist route. So what is this shit? Underswap Underswap comic kamenmango Kell0x Undertale. If so please send a message trough Tumblrchat or a pm!

Underswap Underswap comic English grammar. Something happens in the story…. Chara have …. Underswap comic. Want to see more posts tagged underswap comic?

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